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Future of NMultiSelect

Now that I have made a few releases of my jQuery plug-in, NMultiSelect, I have begun work on a future version of the plug-in, version 2.0. At the moment that version has the following features, that the current (1.5.4) doesn’t: The new features (at the moment) are: Full jQuery 1.6+ compatibility (I like to move […]


NMultiSelect 1.5.4

Just a service update. I think I was way to fast in releasing the 1.5.3-version. It was extremely buggy, had a few bugs and didn’t live up to the standards I think a release from me should meet. So therefore, forget the 1.5.3 (throw it away and never look back!) and get the latest NMultiSelect […]


Quick bug-fix, new features and Github

Hi, sorry about the time since my last post, I’ve just been so damn busy. After being notified about a serious bug (a missing function, thanks wilco) and a few new features (thanks Jimmy), I’ve decided to add the project to github. All source code is now located on, except for pre-1.5.3-releases. The code […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5.2

UPDATE I know this is a very popular version, but I have made an update for it. It has more features and is much more stable. You can always find the latest NMultiSelect version here: OK, I know, I’m just throwing new versions out, but what else to do? When you guys ask me […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5.1

Okay, now I’m back with a "minor" update for the NMultiSelect jQuery plugin. This new version has a few bugfixes and a few new features, including animation and box titles. This release was not intended to be released for a few months, but "Flo" ( made me aware of a "major" inconvenient bug, which has […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5

Info: The previous version rendered an enormous amount of forreign visitors, si I have decided to write this entry in plain english, to avoid confusion. I’ve been on it again. After using the NMultiSelect 1.0 plugin my self in a project, I realized that it had it’s limitations. Some very anoying. The first anoying thing […]


NMultiSelect – Et jQuery Plugin

UPDATE This has become quite an old version, it’s good to get started, but to get the latest version, please take a look here: Quick links About NMultiSelect Okay, I have been foolin’ around with javascripts again, i know, can’t help it. This time I have made me a jQuery plug-in. I chose jQuery because […]


NTree 1.0

Så er jeg klar med en ny version af mit NTree træ-menu. Denne nye version indeholder en hel del opdateringer, foredringer og features som jeg har tænkt over skulle med i lang tid. Af nye features kan nævnes: Lettere kodning af onSelect-callback metoden. Alle nødvendige oplysninger bliver sendt med. Lettere adgang til den absolutte sti. […]


Kryds og Bolle

kryds og bolle i javascript.


Javascript OS – ny udgave

Så har jeg leget lidt mere med javascript igen, denne gang er det mit javascript OS jeg har opdateret. Jeg har omskrevet hele kernen, lavet et nyt og smartere API til udvikling af applikationer og en langt bedre vindues håndtering. Sommetider crasher systemet, og skal entet resettes eller også skal vinduet lukkes og åbnes igen. […]