Up and running again


Finally! The site is now running on a new server and everything seems to work properly! I apologize again for any inconvenience the “downtime” has caused, but the site should be working perfectly again.

As you might have noticed, I have change the look and feel of the site, I figured new server, new design. Over the following few weeks you may encounter a few changes regarding the layout and maybe a few moments with slow responses as I tweak the site and slowly changing the overall language to English.

If you have any thoughts about something cool to have on the site, please feel free to post them in the comments bellow.

Site problems

Hi all,

The last few days I have had major problems regarding the site, it has been slow as h… and I am very sorry for any inconveniences this has caused.

Because of the problems, I am changing to an other server. This will cause a few problems within the next couple of days, but I hope that the site is up and running again by Friday on the new server.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them as a comment below or contact me using my my email ( nick {at} ndesoft.dk ).

NMultiSelect v. 1.5.2


I know this is a very popular version, but I have made an update for it. It has more features and is much more stable.

You can always find the latest NMultiSelect version here:



I know, I’m just throwing new versions out, but what else to do? When you guys ask me for a new feature, shouldn’t I just make it?

Well, this version is a minor update, with a new feature requested from bas, (https://ndesoft.dk/2011/04/26/nmultiselect-v-1-5-1/#comment-280):

Selection limits

What it is, is just a new option to add to the instantation object.

It looks like this:

settings = {
                Name: <span class="str">"NMultiSelect_"</span> + $.NMultiSelect.Instances,
                Move: <span class="kwrd">true</span>,
                FilterText: <span class="str">"filter"</span>,
                AvailableText: <span class="str">"Available items:"</span>,
                SelectedText: <span class="str">"Selected items:"</span>,
                Height: 150,
                Width: 150,
                FadeSpeed: <span class="str">"fast"</span>,
                TitleTag: <span class="str">"h2"</span>,
                Title: <span class="kwrd">null</span>,
                SelectionLimit: -1 <span class="rem">// -1 unlimited selections.</span>

It can be any integral value from –1 to, well infinity (and beyond 🙂 ).

When set to –1, the user can select an infinite amount of items, when 0 the user can’t select anything, when 10, the user can select 10 items and so on.

Now you are wondering, why 1.5.2, instead of (or whatever)? Well I have made a few optimizations to the code, moved some things around a bit and changed som names and so on, so it’s 1.5.2.

Download and live examples

A live example of the 1.5.2 release of the NMultiSelect, can be found here.

You can download the NMultiSelect 1.5.2 release here.