NMultiSelect v. 1.5

Info: The previous version rendered an enormous amount of forreign visitors, si I have decided to write this entry in plain english, to avoid confusion.

I’ve been on it again. After using the NMultiSelect 1.0 plugin my self in a project, I realized that it had it’s limitations. Some very anoying.

The first anoying thing

I had no easy way to attach labels on the boxes. So I added the possibility of customizable labels.

The second anoying thing

The project I am using this plugin in, renderes some quite large lists, and to scroll up and down each list to find just one item was not going to work IRL. So I have added filtering boxes.

Third anoying thing

The sizes of the boxes where fixed. This has been altered, and the box sizes can be set when building the box.

Other stuff

I have made a few adjustments to accommodate the the items above, and applied some bug fixes for a few bugs.

New stuff

Please note, that upgrading from the 1.0 version to the 1.5 version is not as simple as changing the URL. I have changed the instantiator.

Instead of having two parameters, the instantiator takes only one object.

This object looks like this: (please note, the values shown, are default values and they are all optional!)

<span class="kwrd">var</span> options = {
                Name: <span class="str">&quot;NMultiSelect_&quot;</span> + $.NMultiSelect.Instances, <span class="rem">// Name of the field being submitted to the server.</span>
                Move: <span class="kwrd">true</span>, <span class="rem">// If true, items are being moved between boxes, if false, copies are made when selecting.</span>
                FilterText: <span class="str">&quot;filter&quot;</span>, <span class="rem">// Default text of the filter boxes.</span>
                AvailableText: <span class="str">&quot;Available items:&quot;</span>, <span class="rem">// Label of the &quot;from box&quot;</span>
                SelectedText: <span class="str">&quot;Selected items:&quot;</span>, <span class="rem">// Label of the &quot;to box&quot;</span>
                Height: 150, <span class="rem">// Height of each box.</span>
                Width: 150 <span class="rem">// Width of each box.</span>

I won’t write a complete tutorial on how to use the plugin, that can be found in the version 1.0 documentaion.


A live demo of NMultiSelect 1.5 can be found here.


You can download NMultiSelect 1.5 here.
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