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Database design on user defined properties

As a developer, I often get across some database designs, that are quite complex caused by a developer not quite understanding the problem (we’ve all been there!), and therefore cannot solve it correctly. The problem is as follows (or similar): You have 2+ tables: Initial tables – no references It’s quite simple, you have two […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5.2

UPDATE I know this is a very popular version, but I have made an update for it. It has more features and is much more stable. You can always find the latest NMultiSelect version here: http://ndesoft.dk/category/web/js/nmultiselect-js/ OK, I know, I’m just throwing new versions out, but what else to do? When you guys ask me […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5.1

Okay, now I’m back with a "minor" update for the NMultiSelect jQuery plugin. This new version has a few bugfixes and a few new features, including animation and box titles. This release was not intended to be released for a few months, but "Flo" (http://ndesoft.dk/2011/02/26/nmultiselect-et-jquery-plugin/#comment-226) made me aware of a "major" inconvenient bug, which has […]


NMultiSelect v. 1.5

Info: The previous version rendered an enormous amount of forreign visitors, si I have decided to write this entry in plain english, to avoid confusion. I’ve been on it again. After using the NMultiSelect 1.0 plugin my self in a project, I realized that it had it’s limitations. Some very anoying. The first anoying thing […]


NMultiSelect – Et jQuery Plugin

UPDATE This has become quite an old version, it’s good to get started, but to get the latest version, please take a look here: http://ndesoft.dk/category/web/js/nmultiselect-js/ Quick links About NMultiSelect Okay, I have been foolin’ around with javascripts again, i know, can’t help it. This time I have made me a jQuery plug-in. I chose jQuery because […]


NMapper, en datamapper

Så er jeg kommet i gang med et stort projekt, en automatiseret universal datamapper. Jeg kalder den NMapper og jeg har sågar lavet en side til den. Tjek den ofte og tilføj evt. kommentarer herunder.