The blog

In the beginning, I started this site as a place for me to show off my abilities in different programming disciplines.

Later it changed to a place for me to also post articles to help people with different computer related problems.

And today, the site has almost changed completely.

I have taken the site back to its roots, and made a place for me to show off, and for me to educate and promote what I think is best practices in various programming disciplines and to try to show new ideas to old problems.


Me 3 Me 1 Me 2

Yes, this is me. Well, me back in 2010.

Currently I work as a Solution Architect and developer at LAIT, where I started the same month the pictures above was taken. I am a dedicated developer, I live and breathe for good code, and shiver on the sight of bad written or bad structured code. Even my own once in a while.

In 2013 I became a uCommerce MVP for my work with, and my contribution to the uConnector.

I’m a Geek (with capital G), love computers, gadgets, tv shows, films, games, music, languages and so on and so forth. I hate doing things half and want to finish up before starting on a new subject.

I’m bad at writing, so please bear with me, and thank you for you visit, please stay tuned…