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Umbraco and .NET magic

Wouldn’t it be fun, if you could simply call one method on an IPublishedContent, and get any property as the right type, always, without parsing or converting the data, passing any type-parameter or calling different methods? Wouldn’t it be cool if said method knew that a rich text editor property is always an IHtmlString and […]


Real MVC App using Umbraco – revisited

So, it seems that my latest post has generated a lot of debate throughout the umbraco community. Thank you! Me and my coworkers at Lund & Andresen IT (in Danish), has been using this method for a couple of months now, and we’ve found a couple of issues that I didn’t think of. But now […]


How to make localized models in Umbraco MVC

MVC, it’s the sh*t. Everything is so much easier when we use MVC. So when Umbraco came out with version 5, I was super happy, because I could now use my favorite framework on my favorite CMS. Then Umbraco killed v5 and we had to go back to webforms and simple razors… BUT, then Umbraco […]


Database design on user defined properties

As a developer, I often get across some database designs, that are quite complex caused by a developer not quite understanding the problem (we’ve all been there!), and therefore cannot solve it correctly. The problem is as follows (or similar): You have 2+ tables: Initial tables – no references It’s quite simple, you have two […]


IEnumerable, why use it?

Okay, first off: I really love the IEnumerable<T> interface, and I use it excessively throughout my applications. Almost any list or collection throughout the .NET framework implements this interface. It exposes only one method (GetEnumerator), but this method is your friend in almost any circumstance. This method returns an Enumerator, which again exposes methods used […]


NMultiSelect – Et jQuery Plugin

UPDATE This has become quite an old version, it’s good to get started, but to get the latest version, please take a look here: Quick links About NMultiSelect Okay, I have been foolin’ around with javascripts again, i know, can’t help it. This time I have made me a jQuery plug-in. I chose jQuery because […]



Fortæller kort om mit nye store projekt: DBTesting.


NMapper v2.0

Så er jeg i gang med version 2 af min NMapper. NMapper v2.0 kommer til at have følgende features: Alt fra de foregående versioner. Forbedret cache system. Nyt DB Manager system. Ansvaret flyttes fra managerne til NMapperen. Mulighed for at lave instanser af datamapperen så man kan bruge flere DB managere. Helt ny indre struktur. […]


XML DBManager

Så er min XML Manager til NMapperen, ved at være godt moden. Jeg bruger den på mit arbejde, sammen med NMapperen, selvfølgelig, og har i den forbindelse fundet en hel del svagheder i den. I den seneste version er de fleste af de svagheder blevet helbredt. Et af mine problemer opstod da jeg ville indsætte […]



Til den seneste version af NMapper’en har jeg haft brug for en modul styrings komponent. Det er der kommet NModules ud af. I NModules kan du registrere flere interfaces. NModules gennemsøger så en mappe for dll’er og finder alle de klasser der implementere et registreret interface. Ud af de klasser kan NModules så lave instanser […]